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Crymsyn Hart’s worlds are filled with luscious vampires, gorgeous gods, quirky witches, and brooding shifters.

Crymsyn attended Emerson College. She graduated with a degree in creative writing. When she gets bored, she sneaks away to local cemeteries and coffee shops to find peace and quiet. Crymsyn shares her life with a small zoo and her hubby Mark.

If you come after dark, you’re more than likely to find her snuggled up with a gory horror movie or a bloody vampire movie.

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A Note From Jen Hart

Hi all,
It's getting close to Halloween, this witch's favorite time of year. Ghosts are walking and vampires are dusting off their coffins. If you like both, come check out my books.


Current Releases

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Alison's Pride

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Cashing in the Night

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Carrion Comfort

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A Taste of Darkness
For five thousand years, Caleb has been bound to Raven form. Now he wants out. In order to free himself of servitude, he has one final assignment. Watch over Keeleigh. Keeleigh always felt like she never belonged. Her pointed ears and magickal gi...
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An Eternity of Shadows: A Raven Saga Book 4
When all Harmony, the Grim Reaper, wants is one day off she has one more soul to get before she can. But no matter what she does he isn't coming with her. All Andy wants is a chance at life, but when he meets the love of his death, how can he saw no ...
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How To Ruin Halloween For the Grim Reaper
Rhianna has finally moved back into her childhood home despite her mother’s warnings never to return. On her first night back, she wakes to a voice begging for help. Instead of her reflection in the mirror, she finds a man staring back at her. ...
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Through the Mirror: Circus Diabolique 1
Seth’s flown the skies for two thousand years. His soul was sacrificed to live forever as a Raven. Civilizations have risen and fallen while he’s performed his duty of protecting charges. Through this he’s never found true love. ...
Available Now!
Whispers in the Dark: A Raven Saga Book 3
Coffee is heaven for Sophia. Alex is as delicious as his Midnight Mochas that he makes especially for her. Sophia keeps her distance because she is promised to another. However, she secretly lusts after Alex.  Alex desires Sophia, but he keep...
Available Now!
Midnight Mocha
An ancient and dark predator stalks the pack. Alena has been hiding from her heritage for years. She left behind her past after the death of her uncle. Now her estranged family has found her and begs her to come home. Darius has been assigned...
Available Now!
Fur & Feathers: A Raven Saga Book 2
Cursed forever as a Raven, Tremain can only be human on the days and nights of the full moon. Charged with protecting Maili, he realizes she has gone missing. Linnea discovers her best friend’s apartment ransacked and a guy holding a severe...
Available Now!
A Conspiracy of Ravens: A Raven Saga Book

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My favorite bird

My favorite bird

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