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Book three in the Destinies Entwined series.   In a past life, Logan, a battle-hardened mage, created the Three, a trio of lovers capable of performing a sexual ritual to keep demons from breaking into the mortal world. His Three have...
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Logan's Empath (Destinies Entwined #3)
Book three in the Matched by Magic series.   Her heart left reeling from yet another disastrous relationship, Nora Renault yearns for a man who can love her despite her half-breed, fox-shifter and kitsune heritages. But time after tim...
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Fractured Lives
Garrick has spent the better part of his life making his Las Vegas lupin pack the strongest of all the post-war human-born paranormal groups. Now he wants something for himself—a mate. But how will his pack respond if they discover their Alp...
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Faerie Bound
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