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Jenna Hilary Sinclair

Gay Romance Writer published by Dreamspinner Press

I live in the Great American Southwest, but my mind is usually elsewhere. The Readers' Inquiring Minds knocked on my door this morning and we shared coffee cake. Here’s some of what we talked about: 

Inquiring Minds Who Want to Know: Why do you write?
Jenna: You would start with the hardest question. Because I have something to say, and I want to say it to everybody. Because writing lets me live twice: once in the Real World and once in my characters' worlds. Because writing is like a nicotine addiction but way more fun.

Inquiring Minds: But why do you write gay romance?
a) Because gay romance is sexy and beautiful. There’s not enough sex or beauty in the world.
b) Because it can be light-hearted or deeply serious, Bridget Jones or War and Peace.
c) Because sometime over the years I learned how to write really hot sex scenes between two men in love, and it would be a sin to waste the talent. (Don’t tell Sister Margaretta.)
d) Because I’m trapped and I don't want to get out!
e) All of the above.

Inquiring Minds: What do you write about?
Jenna: Characters I love, one way or the other. I just finished a novel in which I lusted after one character and considered the other a brother. By the end, when they were firmly together, I was quite confused!

Right now I’m interested in contemporary or near-contemporary gay romance, with an occasional science fiction or science fantasy idea floating through my brain. My contemporary work doesn't sugarcoat the difficulties gay men encounter in finding their way through the world. 

Inquiring Minds: Boxers or briefs? Short stories or novels?
Jenna: Hey! Do you mean me or my characters? My characters so far have been boxer wearers. Is there something deep about that question?

I am a born novel writer, even though the first five pieces Dreamspinner Press has published by me are short stories or novellas. It’s odd how that happened. But I much prefer novels because of the room it gives me to really work with the characters. Look for novels from me over the next few years. Long novels. I can’t shut up. 

Inquiring Minds: How long have you been writing?
Jenna: It’s embarrassing to say. Almost nineeteen years now, but it only occurred to me to turn pro in October 2008. I have a lot of catching up to do! 

Inquiring Minds: What do you believe in?
Jenna: One of my stories says it best:
“He believed in everything Rell (and Jenna) held dear: honesty, loyalty, effort, intensity, the search for truth and the desire to do good in a capricious universe.”

Yes, I’m really like that. 

As of Summer 2009, Dreamspinner Press has published five of my gay romance stories.  A novel is coming later this year. 

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