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Jenni Holbrook

Jenni spent her summers as a teenager on the beautiful shores of Lake George, NY.  Her mind was always filled with stories and she loved it when everyone gathered around the campfire and told them.  She loved to create neighborhood shows.  Any way to tell or perform the stories that constantly played in her head.  She was always in need of a creative outlet, whether it be theatre, dancing, or books, it didn't matter.

As Jenni got older, the practical side took over and she went to Nazareth College where she earned her degree in Business Education with a concentration in Marketing.  Jenni has worked as a teacher in both the middle and high schools.  She spent over ten years working as a marketing and sales consultant.  However, the pull to create stories never left her and one day while sitting along the shores of Owasco Lake, Jenni pulled out pen and paper and started to write.  Finally, she felt like she'd come home.

Today, Jenni lives in Western, NY with her husband and her three children.  When she's not carting her kids from one hockey rink to the next, she can be found in her 'cave' crafting her next Contemporary Romance novel.

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