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I, like a lot of people, never saw the value of romantic fiction, but after accepting that romance novels - especially erotic romance novels - are brain candy, I began writing my own. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them! And don't forget to stop by my website and have a poke around, or drop me a line or two.

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Ravenous Romance
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Always the dutiful daughter, Elly Harding knows the only way to protect her father is to sacrifice her own happiness and marry a man she can never love, but when an unexpected honeymoon gift presents her with the opportunity to explore the darker ...
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The Viking's Forbidden Pleasure
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How far will one man go to avenge his sister, his last remaining family? Luke Hardcastle is a man on a mission. No one hurts his little sister and gets away with it. No matter how small the role she played might have been. Penny Royale helped her a...
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Revenge and Redemption
Lulu Lovejoy is young, beautiful and frustrated. And for six months she's been taking out that frustration on her husband's protege and right hand man, the tall, dark and dangerous Logan. A fleeting touch here, a flash of cleavage there... Never did ...
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Unbridled Passion

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