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 Suspense author Jennie Spallone wrote over one-hundred profiles and feature stories for local and national publications, as well as two special education texts, before putting pen to her first suspense novel. Deadly Choices won Third Place for Mystery Fiction at the Police Writers Conference (Name changed to Public Safety Writers) in Las Vegas.

Jennie, an active member of Sisters in Crime and Mystery Writers of America, speaks at local bookstores and libraries, in addition to Mystery Conferences throughout the Country, including Scene of the Crime, Bouchercon, Printer's Row, Sleuthfest, Malice Domestic, Magna Cum Murder, Midwest Literary Fest, Love is Murder, Public Safety Writers of America, and the University of Wisconsin Writer's Institute.  

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A Note From Jennie G Spallone

In college, I was a social action addict, rallying against everything from puppy mills to book burnings. Yet the ocean tide of career and family has worn away the razor-sharp edges of the glistening rocks below. My activist pursuits tempered, I am reduced to pouring my concepts of honor and justice into the pages of my suspense novels. I remain fascinated with what it takes for an ethical person to slip into the abyss of immoral behavior. Is it a gradual tiptoeing over the edge of the cliff or a leaping jump? As you read Deadly Choices, I invite you to honestly and without apology examine your own belief system, then e-mail me your comments.


Current Releases
Chicago real estate agent Laurie Atkins is gardening beneath the relentless August sun when her dog's frantic barks divert her to a dead body sprawled on the front acreage of her Wisconsin summer home. She rushes inside to phone the police, bu...
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Window of Guilt
One foggy November morning on Chicago’s West Side, paramedic trainee Beth Reilly faces a life or death choice that will put her own future in jeopardy. High on cocaine, her veteran paramedic officer slams their ambulance into a homeless, pre...
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Deadly Choices

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