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Yasmine Carter and her girls are back in their old college haunt, Beantown, looking for fresh but submissive young studs. All the ladies like to dominate their men so they decide go to a favorite college hangout where they eventually find three pr...
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Cock Hunting
Inside the Empire's Imperial Palace the ambitious Drusilla is determined to use her sexual power to become consort and birth the next Emperor. Bloodthirsty and unwilling to let anyone stand in her way, she eliminates her competition and allies hersel...
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Drusilla's Ambition
After leaving the Mansion in search of her perfect Master, Jennifer Campbell finds herself instead in the cruel hands of a domineering Mistress, Rosemary. There is no sign of the man she thought she was coming to Jamaica to see, her lover, Lionel Ald...
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Winston Denning: a rich CEO of his own corporation who has four women wrapped around his finger. His wife Victoria lives in virtual slavery to him and is about to be condemned to a life as a stripper. His maid Gina has become his sex toy as has his c...
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Pitfalls of Desire: Winston

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