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Jennifer Lawson-Zepeda's personal story is truly a romantic tale with tragedy, injustice, and a couple's deep devotion to one another.

In 2006, after living in Mexico for nine years, the couple was forced to flee, suddenly, after the cartel violence escalated there, leaving them fearing for their lives. After two of their friends were murdered, Jennifer Lawson-Zepeda drove her husband to the U.S. border where they requested asylum for him.

From 2006 to 2009 the couple endured three years of separation, as her Salvadoran husband's asylum application wove its way through the U.S. immigration system to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Before his case was reviewed and a decision was made, her husband was deported, leaving Mrs. Lawson-Zepeda fearing for his life. She moved him from El Salvador in the middle of the night to Nicaragua, where they believed he would be safe.

In February 2010, her husband walked into the Managua office to extend his tourist visa and apply for asylum and was detained. Mrs. Lawson-Zepeda didn't hear from him for nine days while he was held incommunicado by the Sandinista cadre. She contacted Nicaraguan Human Rights Agencies, the United Nations High Commissioner of Refugees, and the Salvadoran Embassy, earning his release.

The couple now lives together in El Salvador where Mrs. Lawson-Zepeda writes novels, paints and spends time recovering her lost years with her husband.
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After her husband disappears and is presumed dead, feisty, American-born socialist Anastasia spends two months in El Salvador searching for his body, returning to Los Angeles only to face a spiraling economy and no job prospects. Displacing her love ...
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Anastasia and the Cuban

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