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Jere' M. Fishback

Jere' M. Fishback is a former journalist and trial lawyer. He writes novels and short fiction, and has also written a memoir, "Hydrangeas", published by University Press of Florida in the "Homegrown in Florida" anthology. Jere' lives on a barrier island on Florida's Gulf Coast. 

Current Releases
On his first day at state university, freshman Johnny Darling rues his decision to enroll. He’s 150 miles from his family and friends and terribly homesick. But when he’s assigned Ben Stonecipher as a roommate, Johnny’s life brighte...
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I Love You, Johnny Darling

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Kevin Corrigan and Me

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Josef Jaeger
Fifteen-year-old Tyler Buckspan lives with his mom and grandmother in 1960s Cassadaga, a Florida community where spiritual “mediums” ply their trade. The mediums—Tyler’s grandmother among them—read palms and tarot cards,...
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Tyler Buckspan
Brad Schroeder is a trial lawyer with a taste for cocaine and prostitutes. An arrest costs Brad his marriage, his job, and his Winter Park address. Now, he's starting a law practice in working class Cocoa Beach, attending NA meetings, and trying ...
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Dodging a Pearl
Eighteen year-old Nate Ziegler has problems. A dead boy's ghost dwells in the crawl space above Nate's walk-in closet; the ghost won't leave Nate alone. Nate's cross-country teammate is an astrology freak; he wants to recruit Nate as ...
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The House on Fremont Drive
Florida. The very name brings to mind coconut palms and theme parks. It's a land of sunshine, sugar-sand beaches, and glittering hotels, a perpetual vacation for all those fortunate enough to live there. Or is it? Florida has a dark side most vis...
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Troubling Tales from Florida

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