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Jeremy Lousada

Born in the UK but have spent ,most of my life in Europe and Africa. My two loves have always been boats and dogs. In 1995 we were the first people for 62 years to cross Europe solely by water from the North Sea to the Black Sea. We took with us our two miniature dachshunds. Both born in Zimbabwe they travelled over a lot of Africa and Europe and were great characters. Two Dachshunds at Troy is the true story of their lives, probably the only dachsies to have their biography written, a book anyone who has loved a dog would I hope enjoy. My other book an ebook - A to Z of Englishness - is a humorous and satirical look at the madness of modern England, from its sport and culture to the political correctness.

Current Releases

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Two Dachshunds at Troy

Available Now!
A to Z of Engluishness

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