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Jessica grew up in a small town in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and now lives in Minnesota - a Midwestern gal through and through. She wouldn’t have it any other way, although she’s been known to grumble about the snow and cold.

Jessica was lucky enough to meet the man of her dreams early in her life. They’ve been together over 16 years and are blessed with four kids, who keep things interesting and very busy.

Despite her crazy schedule, Jessica finds time to write. If she didn’t, the voices in her head would take over and everyone would be in big trouble! She’s incredibly grateful for her family who put up with her craziness and understand when she ignores them all and hunkers down to finish a scene.

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Current Releases
Timeless Blood Series, Book Three     Enforcer Mehki has one duty—keep the Regina, Queen of the Vampires, safe. When a threat rises and manages to infiltrate her home, Mekhi does the only thing he can to do his job&...
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For Callie Summers, life after the super solar flare and deadly viral outbreak can be summed up in one word. Alone. Having lost everyone she loved, Callie travels on foot to her family’s remote hunting cabin, where her father stockpiled food...
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Timeless Blood Series, Book Two When Griffon goes to his queen, the Regina, to ask questions about his brother’s death, the last thing he expects is to be introduced to the mate she has chosen for him—her own cousin. He recogn...
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Ana Harris has always known marriage and all it entails isn’t for her. She’s happy with finding Mr. Right Now and enjoying him for a night before walking the other way…fast. Then, Riley Walsh walks into her life and has her ques...
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His Way
As head of the Enforcers, Traian knows the dangers of his life. Hunting traitorous vampires and keeping peace for his people could very well kill him. What he never expected was one of his own—another Enforcer—to stab him in the back, ...
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Angel Lake Series, Book Two Maggie Monroe’s life is just as she wants it. The only thing missing is a man, and she tackles this like she would any other project. She makes a list of qualifications and requirements and is determined to fi...
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Losing Control
Northern Circle Series, Book One Anxious for a change and wanting to learn more about her late mother and where she came from, Thalia Wells accepts a job in the small town of Parrish. As she settles into her new life, she begins to noti...
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Secrets and Spells
Loving Series, Book One Emma Lawrence is used to doing everything for everyone else—putting herself last. While celebrating her thirtieth birthday with her girlfriends, Emma does something totally out of character, something just fo...
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Her Way
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Erotic Gems Short Story The last thing Erin Harrison expects when she heads to girls weekend away is to end up stranded with Liam Donovan. The man she shamelessly threw herself at three months before. The man who totally shot her down. Th...
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Alone with Liam (Erotic Gems Short)
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 Angel Lake Series, Book One   Coming home for Gabe Monroe isn’t a joyous occasion. He returns to say goodbye to his father, and he stays to honor his father’s final request—take care of the family. He’s c...
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Coming Home: Angel Lake, Book One
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Book three in the Into the Shadows Series How do you show a man willing to die in pursuit of revenge that some things are worth living for? Seth Feeney has a mission. Put an end to the Rogue vampire who turned him against his will and ruined ...
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Tease Me, Please Me
Book two in the Into the Shadows Series After walking away from him years ago, will she have the strength do it again - and will he let her? As an operative for the Triumvirate, Jaecar was used to hunting Rogues and investigating crimes ...
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Have Me, Hold Me
Book three in The Fey Series Finding one’s true mate is rare, finding two true mates is nothing but a dream…or is it? Ciarra, Guardian of the Dark Realm, fantasises of forever with two men but knows how unlikely that is to...
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Shadows of Fate
Two sexy men - her husband and his best friend - in her bed. Shannon couldn't stop thinking about it, but can she let go of the doubts and go through with it? Shannon is happily married and very much in love with her husband, Nate. Her fe...
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All or Nothing
Book two in the Fey Series What's a Princess to do when the man Fate has chosen for her denies her? As Princess of Fey, Neiva has led a privileged life. When she sees her mate in the Waters of Fate, she is shocked at who Fate has pai...
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Waters of Fate
Book one in the Into the Shadows Series Thrust into a dark world of vampires, Sarah has to make a life or death decision—can she trust a man who is the very thing that almost killed her? As an operative for the Triumvirate, Fen has...
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Lust Me, Trust Me
Book one in The Fey Series Can the love of a mere human restore a banished faery prince to his rightful place? Kaelen of Fey has no hope of returning to the faery realm. He has committed the ultimate crime in the eyes of his people&mdash...
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Fate's Song
Darcy and Mac are “best friends with benefits”, but now Mac wants more than just the hot sex. He wants Darcy forever. And he’ll risk everything to get her. The last thing Darcy Phillips wants after the end of a disastro...
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The Boy Next Door

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