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54 year old author of eleven Books/Ebooks on Bible Prophecy. Prophecy is always literral. To allegorize it makes its interpretation open to many views. This has become problematic in today's Churches.

God wants His children to understand prophecy, not be confused by it. I have read and studied Scripture since a child of eight. Come enjoy the meat of God's Word.

A Note From Jesus Villalobos

If you're tired of confusing books on prophecy, and want truth, you'll find truth by realizing God has made all prophecy literal so that even the non-believer must admit it came to pass once it happens. This is the key to understanding prophecy. God bless.

Current Releases
Waiting for orders in Turkey, our heroes encounter more deceptions.
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AntiChrist's Dark Hour; The Revelation of the Children of Light
Phrases that are repeated over and over in Scripture which have very peculiar meanings.
Available Now!
Revelation of Mysterious Patterns within the Word of God
2012 wasn't it, but it will happen according to Jesus' words in Matthew 24. A false rapture will occur, which is not being taught by today's leaders, but is mentioned by Jesus in Matthew 24.
Available Now!
2012 and Beyond
Get to understand the language of math within Scripture. You'll be amazed at how much your understanding of God increases. Not numerology.
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Mathematics and Scripture
3rd ebook in "AntiChrist's Birth" series. Our new set of heroes continue the fight against anti-Christ's giants.
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AntiChrist's Rise; The Call to Arms
2nd ebook in "AntiChrist's Birth; series.
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The Legend of the Cave
Mordecai has just been assigned to a black-op program known only as R.A.I.N. He is in for the most excitingly yet exasperating adventure of his life. Time travel, weather control, espionage, love.
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R.A.I.N. (Retaliatory And Inverse Navigation)
How will anti-Christ be born? This exciting series will explain many things in an adventurous manner, yet hold to Scripture's truths about him.
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AntiChrist's Birth; The Solomon Island Mystery
You wouldn't open your front door with your car keys would you? When reading Scriptures, we MUST use proper keys to unlock their meaning.
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Forgotten Keys of the Kingdom
Satan created on earth and not in heaven; proven in Scripture, but they keep misquoting God's Word. The tithe is NOT money, it was the Old Testament Communion feast; proven in Scripture. These and other things the Church has not unders...
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Time for Truth
The return date of Jesus Christ IS in Scripture. The problem is that Matthew 24 has been misquoted for so long by so many, that people think it states it is impossible to know the return date of Jesus. Quite the contrary, it states that it is impo...
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Three Days of Darkness and the Coming Flood by Jesus Villalobos

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Jesus Villalobos

Jesus Villalobos

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