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Jewel Adams - Best Selling Author of Romance with a Touch of Spice!
The last few years have certainly seen changes for Jewel. An outstanding author of over 15 novels and novellas, she will be the first to tell you that the Romance genre is thriving here on the internet. As an author, Jewel found the freedom to take her love of Romance beyond the established barriers. Danger, love, tears and romance; Jewel's Erotic and sensual romance Time Travels, Gothic, Paranormal, Fantasy, Westerns and Contemporary Romances will take you on a thrilling journey sparked with adventure, and fill your lifetime with the love that can cross centuries and worlds.
Be sure to look for her new releases coming to Class Act Books.
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Current Releases
CATCHING SHADOWS By Jewel Adams    CHARITY BECKER’S lover kisses her lips with searing passion and melts away as the morning light strikes her bedroom window. She steps through the fine line that separates the present from the past...
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Catching Shadows
CREOLE BLUES By Jewel Adams       Brittney Massey keeps her life as rising Jazz singer Kat Boutie and her true identity as a rancher’s daughter separated. That is until New Orleans’ mafia King Lucas Cortine set...
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Creole Blues
SCARLET RAVEN  By Jewel Adams  Corin McCloud stows away on a refurbished schooner—the Raven. The journey barely begins when a violent storm rolls over the schooner, throwing her world upside down and lands her in Charlotte Amalie,...
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Scarlet Raven
DREAM LOVER By Jewel Adams Time Travel Erotic Romance When a dream becomes reality, Mackenzie Richardson discovers her fantasy lover is no longer an unattainable image, but a very real, very powerful, flesh and blood man. Mackenzie finds no escap...
Available Now!
Dream Lover
RIVERBOATS & RAINBOWS By Jewel Adams  Historical Erotic Romance Time Travel   The renovated riverboat appears to be the perfect solution for her aunt's annual fundraiser. Angela La Cross' busy agenda didn't include falling into the ...
Available Now!
Riverboats and Rainbows
EMMA’S TIMELESS LOVE By Jewel Adams Historic Time Travel Erotic Romance       Hostess of the Grande Ball to unveil the museum's renovated plantation, Emma Browning never suspects a mysterious mirror will whisk her b...
Available Now!
Timeless Love
MOONDOCK By Jewel Adams  Chosen by the High Council to find the ancient Selams and save the Nemow race from destruction, Melane melds the inherited magical powers of her Syron birth mother and her training as Captain of the Lamar Grand Guard,...
Available Now!

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