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  1797. On board a ship bound for the New World, the dashing young Spanish nobleman Joaquin de Castille meets a handsome Roman named Tomas. Joaquin thinks he's been sent to heaven on Earth. But no, this is Hell at sea. Even though...
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Scarlet Blade
Upon witnessing a sultry, naked young man turn into a wolf after a car crash, Detective John Hamdon thinks he must be pretty messed up. When John's beautiful hallucination arrives at Chicago police headquarters as a new detective, John knows h...
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Chasing Shadows
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  Desdaine has fallen hard for space fighter ace, Jess Laren. The trouble is, Laren is a hero on the wrong side of the interplanetary war. As a senior intelligence officer in the Ilzec Empire, Desdaine thinks his attraction to other m...
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Beloved Captor
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Devon rules a rich province of the mighty Raenthe Empire, but in his dreams the young Sovereign does not play the master in bed. Lord of everything, in the depths of the night, Devon just wants to surrender to a stronger power, a dominating man. ...
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Sovereign's Gladiator
On a rebound from his cheating lover, Matt Winter has sex in a Philadelphia alley with a man packing a gun and sniffing like a coke addict. When Matt’s stranger from the alley lets himself into Matt’s apartment through the window, Matt...
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Touch of a Wolf

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Shadow of a Wolf
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