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Jezebel Jorge is a practicing witch, medium, and a Reiki 2 light worker. She likes to have her genre described as Witch Lit - Sizzle and spice and some things Not so Nice.

Unlike most authors, the Voices running amok inside her head are sometimes spirits reaching out to tell their stories from the other side. Ghosts like to embellish just as the living, but there is usually a bit of truth entwined within her fictional stories.

Jezebel uses over twenty years of being around the inner workings of the wrestling business to make the pro wrestlers in her Ring Dreams series jump right off the page and into the squared circle. She takes you behind the curtain, immersing her readers in an industry where the truth is often stranger than fiction.

She lives in Nashville, TN with a spoiled rotten Golden Retriever / Great Pyrenees mix named Harry Potter and a very vocal Spirit Guide with an affinity for snakes.

Visit her websites at: (YA Website for Shattered)

You can follow her on Twitter at @witchlitchick
You can follow her Spirit Guide Odessa on Twitter at @spiritguidedess
Her YA Twitter can be found at @jezebeljorgeya

Current Releases
Odessa takes us back to 1963 when it was Roger, and not Graham, that had her heart. The pro wrestling champion takes his witchy mistress to an underground burlesque club in New York. The young redhead is overwhelmed by The Big Apple and a mysterio...
Available Now!
The Lady Is A Tramp
This erotic short story was channeled to Jezebel Jorge by her spirit guide Odessa. The ravishing redhead takes us back to her days amidst the living to share an erotic encounter with her first love and then the man who later laid claim to her...
Available Now!
Under My Skin
  Courtney might be young, but with a body custom built for sin she's nowhere close to sweet and innocent.  She's learned at a young age how to use sex as a weapon to get her way. While most girls her age are picking out prom...
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Dirty Weekend
Fifteen year old Amalie is an outcast brainiac with a psycho witchy bitch of a mom and no magickal powers to call her own until a chain of events turn her world upside down. She gets her first kiss. Her mom runs off with a pro wrestler. Amalie is ...
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It's a Valentine's Day like no other when three people - the witchy mistress, the scorned wife, and the heartbroken best friend - deal with the death of Tampa weatherman Eddie Grant. Tessa just wants to be reunited with her beloved. I...
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Snow Angel by Jezebel Jorge -  Best selling author Minerva Madison might have a big time book deal, but she’s lost her muse. At least until a hunky construction worker comes to her rescue. Brian saves her from spending Christmas Ev...
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Stockings & Suspenders
  Desire is a Ring Dreams Retro. Take a trip back in time and find out how Billy Dalton met the love of his life. *** WARNING - This novel contains graphic sex scenes, scripted violence, infidelity, and a hero wh...
Available Now!
Wanton is a Ring Dreams snippet - a short story to introduce the cast of Jezebel Jorge's Ring Dreams series. The first book in the series, Headlocks and Hexes was released in October, 2011. Desire was released in November 2011, and Seances &am...
Available Now!

Visit Jezebel Jorge's website:

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