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Jiani lives in South Western Connecticut with her  daughter. She is a member of the Romance Writers of America and ColoNY - CT Lower New York Romance Writers of America.  Jiani wrote her first novel when she was a Senior in high school.  "It was written in a composition book.  It was such a hit that just about every one in school wanted to read it.  I would let them borrow the book with a refundable deposit of $5.00."  

When she is not traveling in and out of the country, she can be found in New York's Chinatown or in Flushing, Queens. When she's not writing, she enjoys reading Imari Jade's or Sharee MacCarver novels. Painting, working with fused glass or meeting up with old friends for dinner.

She is currently working on the second part to "The Golden Dragons."

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Current Releases
Akira is the owner of The Pleasure Palace, one of the top female lounges in Tokyo. And all the women want to be with him. The problem is, he’s been in one bad relationship and is not ready to get into another. Deanna is an ex-modal, working ...
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The Pleasure Palace
Edward is the son of the most feared and powerful Triad leader in Hong Kong. And Edward wants very little to do with it. All he ever wanted was to have a quiet life without being involved, but that’s not what his father has planned. Edward i...
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The Golden Dragons

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