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Jianne Carlo

Award winning author, Jianne Carlo’s motto is simple: Alpha Me Please.

While strong heroines, exotic locations, and cultural differences are her forte, she goes weak in the knees and salivates for warriors of any type – rebels, SEAls, Vikings, and bad-ass mercenaries. Send her a man with an attitude and she’ll find the right woman to tame him.

Jianne’s writing career began in 2008, and since then she’s been lucky enough to have over twenty books published. Most of her books are TOP PICKs and several have been nominated for and won awards and prizes.

Jianne loves hot and spicy food, stomach-plunging park rides, and is kept on her toes by her Viking husband of thirty-five years, and three, handsome grown sons. There’s nothing she likes more than hearing from readers.

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08/07/2014 Contest
Prymal Lust Book Tour: Prymal Lust Book Tour

08/07/2014 Contest
Love, Lust, and Laptops BINGO!: Love, Lust, and Laptops BINGO!

08/07/2014 Contest

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09/28/2014 General

Prymal Obsession is now available for pre-order at Amazon!

Click here to pre-order:


08/07/2014 News

Prymal Lust is Now Available!

Prymal_Lust-Jianne_Carlo-200x320Prymal Lust is now available at the following booksellers:


All Romance eBooks (ARe)

Barnes and Noble

Taliesin Publishing

Go forth and purchase!☺

And here’s what Bookie of the BookChick’s Reviews had to say about Prymal Lust:

Prymal Lust is the inaugural book in Jianne Carlo‘s Prymal series. Carlo does an excellent job crafting a well-rounded story that is potent and enjoyable — full of action, interesting characters, and a dynamic story. Tania and Axe have to fight for their love but fortunately they don’t have to do it alone. Axe’s SEAL team, which includes Tania’s twin brother and other wolf alpha’s join in their battle. The secondary characters were amazing and I look forward to reading about them, too. If you love paranormal romance, then I definitely recommend Prymal Lust to you. It was a balanced mix of sexiness, action, and intrigue.

Here’s another look at the awesome trailer for Prymal Lust:

Have a terrific Thor’s day!



06/24/2013 General

Finalist in Passionate Plume!

Two of my books are finalists in the Passionate Plume, Best Historical 2012!

Malice Striker, Viking Vengeance #1


Death Blow, Viking Vengeance #2


*snoopy dance*

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Current Releases
The primal call of Mate Claim sparks a battle among the three species of shifters—Wylfen, Feral, & Rogue—and has for generations. These violent feuds incite hunts by humankind, driving shifters near extinction. To protect their people...
Available Now!
Prymal Obsession
Is there a future for an aristocratic Wylfen female exiled for mating with a half-breed Rogue Wolf? The primal call of Mate Claim sparks a battle among the three species of shifters—Wylfen, Feral, & Rogue—and has for generations. T...
Available Now!
Prymal Lust
Read Review
Eli’s got the world by the short and curlies. Top salesperson for the hippest graphic technology company on the planet, starlets pursue him, directors court him, the rich and powerful befriend him. Then his boss hires the animation talent of th...
Available Now!
Cupid's Arrow
Princess Étaín of Caul Carlinne remains unsullied by her violent past. When she chooses Brand of Bärvik as her mate, has she brought havoc and destruction to her people?
Available Now!
Branded by Étaín
Emma knows time travel’s impossible. So, the only other explanation for her going to sleep on Halloween night in 2013 and waking up in Wales in the year 1763 is that she’s insane. There’s a murdered girl, a coach ticket to Wye Ca...
Available Now!
That Pearly Drop
Can a Viking forgive the woman who cheated him of his vengeance?All Dráddør has to do is kill the Earl of Caithness, wed the man’s daughter, and vengeance will be his and the oath to his father will be fulfilled. But when he ar...
Available Now!
Vengeance Hammer
Can a mere Viking break the curse of a sea god? Cursed by the sea-god Ægir to be burned at the stake, Lady Nyssa seeks the one man who can save her--the warrior who bears the mark of the Saracen. When she finds a Viking warrior wounded ...
Available Now!
Death Blow

Available Now!
Malice Striker
Melanie White, direct descendant of Ixota Migziwa, He Who Sees With Eagle Eyes, is a White Wolf spirit healer -- a maggishahwi who hears the last call of a soul. She’s been in love with Mike Dorland forever. Mike’s the eldest son of on...
Available Now!
White Wolf 2: The Call of a Soul
Read Review
How can she trust her heart to a man known as the Seducer? Elaina’s step-uncle, Eógan, has murdered her father and usurped his crown. Desperate to save herself and her younger sisters, Elaina, the concubine’s daughter, tak...
Available Now!
The Seducer
Read Review

Available Now!
The Destroyer
Read Review
Can the Peacemaker tame a warrior bride? When Njal the Peacemaker meets his bride-to-be, she’s dressed in breeches, flaunting a crossbow, and covered in boar’s blood. What he needs is a woman skilled with words, a woman with exqu...
Available Now!
The Peacemaker (Viking Warriors Book 3)
Read Review
Ruard, the Viking warrior known as The Dragon Slayer, has no great hopes for the wife he’s to take as the lord of Dunnsmuir Castle, so long as she’s a biddable wife, with all her teeth, who doesn’t drool—a plain, humble wom...
Available Now!
The Dragon Slayer
Read Review
Sleeping Dog, Texas, has its share of secrets, and the three Lobos brothers own the biggest of them all. They're werewolves. But when a woman steps into each man's life, each with her own badly stained red dress, fantasies will be fulfille...
Available Now!
Lucky in Red
Jarl Torsten glimpses Ainslin of Durham, a recent widow with two sons, and immediately covets her for his wife. He outmaneuvers his rival, Ainslin’s neighbor Earl Sigrid, and receives the king’s blessing to marry her. Ainslin fear...
Available Now!
The Bear and The Bride
Read Review
     Werewolf Maximillian Lobos likes his women overripe, luscious and curvy, and spitting-fire passionate.      Prim and proper Candi Wagner is so not his type, yet when he discovers she wears chocolate bo...
Available Now!
Dark Chocolate Side of the Moon
Read Review
Money, power, and women all come easy to Harrison Indiana Ford. Yet he wants more -- to ensure his daddy’s oil fortune goes to him -- not Delora, the stepmother who seduced him as a teenager. If Harry doesn’t marry a virgin and produce...
Available Now!
Mediterranean Mambo: Carnal in Cannes
Money, power, and women all come easy to Harrison Indiana Ford. Yet he wants more -- to ensure his daddy’s oil fortune goes to him -- not Delora, the stepmother who seduced him as a teenager. If Harry doesn’t marry a virgin and produce an...
Available Now!
Carnal in Cannes
“I’m counting to ten and then I’ll start shooting,” Sheriff Gray White balanced a rifle on one shoulder and held a spotlight at eye level effectively blinding the perp. “My name’s Sorcha McFadden, officer, and ...
Available Now!
White Wolf
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Terrence O’Connor knew all his flaws only too intimately, knew no woman could ever accept the sins of his past, knew he’d die alone. Su-Lin Taylor barges into his world and none of that matters anymore. When Su-Lin’s mother dies...
Available Now!
Notorious in Nice
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Rolan Anthony Paxton, the Patriot's celebrated wide receiver, dominated the football world for ten years. Fame and fortune fell into his lap and he rode the rainbow collecting Super Bowl wins. Even now, he crooks his finger and women line up -- Holly...
Available Now!
Manacled in Monaco
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