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Jill M Van Den Eng

Jill Van Den Eng is an author and journalist with a keen interest in the extraordinary tales of ordinary people. She is the author of the Young Adult novels, "Divided Moon" (Solstice Publishing 2012) and "Gangbanger" (Solstice Publishing 2016).

In addition to writing, Van Den Eng enjoys reading YA and popular fiction, running, solving puzzles and getting outside. She is a master gardener who keeps an herb and vegetable garden outside her home office and a novice astronomer with a really big telescope.

Van Den Eng lives in Northeast Wisconsin with her husband, three sons, two lazy cats and one evil hamster.

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As the only son of an elder in his Hmong clan, it was Ze Vang’s birthright to learn at his father’s side and continue their traditions. But when his little sister is married off to an older man she doesn’t know, Ze is forbidden to d...
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"Moon," Papa said, "it is time for you to marry."   Those aren't the words she expected to hear on the way home from her first high school dance. At fourteen-years-old, Moon Vang should not be planning her wedding. She ...
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Divided Moon

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