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Jim Murdoch is a Scottish writer living just outside Glasgow. He began as a poet in the seventies, moved onto novels in the nineties, then short stories and online in the noughies. 

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Probably the first question people think to ask when they learn that you're a writer is either a) Have you been published? or b) What kind of books do you write? The answer to the first one is obviously yes. The second one isn't so easy. I like to think of myself as a literary novelist. Actually scratch that. If I'm being honest I think of myself as a poet who somehow blundered into writing novels. My literary heroes are mainly heavyweight writers—the Sartres and Kafkas of this world— but I've found it very hard to write a serious novel because although in every picture you'll ever see of me I look solemn (if not downright grumpy) I'm actually not a very serious person. My books deal with serious issues—love, life, death—but I can never bring myself to be serious for too long.


In my first novel, for example,  I decided to introduce the character of Truth. The personification of Death appears in books, on TV and in films all the time from The Seventh Seal right down to Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey but no one seems to have thought to tackle Truth in like manner. So I did. But what kind of personality was Truth going to have? Was he going to be deadly serious? Well I could have gone that way but that's just not me.


The same goes for my novel Milligan and Murphy which is essentially a re-imagining or Samuel Beckett's Mercier and Camier. Now just reading that is enough to put most people off so much so that I stopped telling people because the book has more in common with Spike Milligan's Puckoon than Beckett. That was merely what sparked my imagination.


Current Releases
How do you make sense out of life? Some say that it doesn't and you shouldn't bother. Instead most of us try to impose a sense of sense on it. We dream up reasons, justifications or excuses to give our lives meaning. In this collection of ...
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Making Sense
On one level this could be a farcical tale reminiscent of the work of Flann O’Brien about a pair of Irish layabouts who somehow run away from home by accident and are helped find their way by a number of eccentric characters; on another it m...
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Milligan and Murphy
  This is the sequel to Living with the Truth.   The whole book takes place in a landscape generated by Jonathan's memories of his past life. Everyone and everything is as he remembers it, not necessarily the way it was. ...
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Stranger than Fiction
  Picture, if you will, Jonathan Payne, probably the last person in the world you'd expect to be the lead character in anybody's novel, a jaded bookseller nearing the end of a wasted life. We meet him alone in his flat in the seas...
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Living With the Truth
  I have been writing poetry for some 35 years. A long time. A lot of poetry.  In all that time I've never published even a chapbook. The reason? It sounds perverse but I could never find enough poems that I felt went togeth...
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This Is Not About What You Think

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My chair

My chair
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My desk
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Where it all happens
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Me pretending to read

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