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Jo Ramsey is a former special education teacher who now writes full time and enjoys visiting schools to talk about writing and bullying. She has been writing since age five, and has a drawer full of spiral notebooks to prove it. Jo's first young adult novel, Connection (Reality Shift 1), was published in January 2010, and since then she has had several additional novels published. She lives in Massachusetts with her two daughters, her husband, and two cats, one of whom likes to play fetch.

Current Releases
Kellan McKee is different, but not for the reasons everyone thinks. He’s open about being transgender and grateful to have his mother’s support, even if his stepfather disapproves. When Kellan is attacked by one of his stepfather’s ...
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Where No One Knows
Deep Secrets and Hope #6 There are those who don’t believe Jim Frankel has the right to a life or friends in Ludington, Michigan. Luckily for Jim, he has Man-Shik “Manny” Park in his corner, and Manny has no intention of letting ...
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Ball Caps and Khakis
Deep Secrets and Hope #5 When Jim Frankel looks in the mirror, he doesn’t see a sixteen-year-old boy. He sees a monster.   Weeks after being released from a month in juvenile detention, Jim is still trying to come to terms with th...
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Work Boots and Tees
Deep Secrets and Hope #4 Holly McCormack has secrets. She’s started a support group for sexual assault survivors at her high school, but she was never assaulted. She’s also dating a girl, but she’s not a lesbian—at least no...
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Blue Jeans and Sweatshirts
Deep Secrets and Hope #3 Chastaine Rollo follows her own rules, even starting rumors about herself before others have the chance. Others’ opinions don’t matter. Her life is fun, and she likes being a rebel, until now. When she comes fo...
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High Heels and Lipstick
Deep Secrets and Hope #2 High school football star Guillermo Garcia can count himself among the popular kids—for now. Although he secretly dates Evan Granger, who is openly gay and badly bullied for it, Guillermo doesn’t dare let his t...
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Shoulder Pads and Flannel
Deep Secrets and Hope #1 Sixteen-year-old Evan Granger has no problems with being gay. Despite his mother’s objections, he wears nail polish and makeup to school and pursues his goal of becoming a professional drag queen.  TV drag st...
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Nail Polish and Feathers

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