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The daughter of a military man, I developed a keen interest in travel at an early age. Combining this love with a degree in journalism, I eventually became a travel writer. Writing both travel books and articles, I got to visit places in the world I'd only dreamed of like Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, and Fiji.

I enjoyed my nonfiction writing, but I also wanted to write fiction.  I'm really excited about my first romantic suspense novel, Rainbow's End, from The Wild Rose Press. It takes place in Hawaii, one of my favorite travel destinations. 

Because of my days as a travel writer, the settings will always be an important part of my novels. I want to weave exotic places into novels packed with suspense and romance.
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An empty baby stroller, the shadow of a man, a child's cries--all images that haunt psychic Angela Martin's dreams. After blaming herself for a kidnapped child's death, she vows never to trust her visions again. But when a kidnapper st...
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One Week To Live
Diana Mason witnessed her biological mother's brutal murder when she was five years old. Adopted soon after, she has no memory of the crime or her early childhood. Terrifying nightmares, triggered after finding a photo of her birth mother, lead Diana...
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Rainbow's End

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