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Joanie MacNeil

I am an Australian romance author of short contemporary romance novels. I write Sweet, Sexy, heartwarming stories for recovering romantics. My stories are about about new love and second chances. Soothing, warm and fuzzy. Stories that may make you smile. While most of my novels are set in Australia, I could not resist setting two of them in Scotland.

I love to travel with my own romantic hero, recently visiting Tunisia, Istanbul, Croatia, Venice, Mykonos, Spain, Portugal and Morocco, and also cruising the Mediterranean. The most recent adventure involved taking the Indian Pacific train from Sydney to Perth, then driving across Australia from west coast to east.

When I am not travelling, or working on my latest novel, I enjoy reading romance, going to the movies, having coffee with friends, participating in aqua aerobics, and spending time with my three lively little grandsons.

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Following the death of her husband, Nicolette Oliver concentrates on re-establishing her career as a dancer, though still dealing with emotional issues relating to her life with Mark. When his friend appears on her doorstep, Nicolette honors her late...
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Attractive Paige Delaney is more woman than Jack Shannon wants in his life, though he's in serious need of her award winning skills in web design. Paige believes her sexy new boss thinks he's God's gift to woman. Both are single parents w...
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