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Joanna Fay

Joanna Fay writes fantasy, science fiction and poetry. She has had a number of short stories and poems published and awarded in the last few years since taking up 'serious writing' after a twenty year career in visual arts. 

Her major writing passion is a series of high fantasy novels set in the world of Siaris, called The Siaris Quartet, of which the first, Daughter of Hope, is now published through Musa Publishing.

Joanna lives in the Perth hills of Western Australia with her teenage son and two pint-sized writing assistants, a pair of budgies named Pippy and Rosie. 

Watch this space for more details of her novels and other writing.

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Musa Publishing
Current Releases
#3 of The Siaris Quartet Can love change a world's fate? The Morraeth have always wanted one thing: Siaris. And they will stop at nothing to attain it. With Maeran still enslaved in their power and Riana returning to be with him, the world ...
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Vow's Answer
  Immortal love was never meant to be broken, but the road to restoring it is beyond imagining. The world of Siaris has been thrown into chaos. Xereth, still reeling from the loss of his children, has bided his time and waited years f...
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The fate of an entire world will be decided by the actions of one magical young girl. The Guardians of Siaris have been warring for thousands of years, torn apart by betrayal and lost loves. Xereth waits patiently for his chance at revenge. Th...
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Daughter of Hope

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