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My life's passion is writing and I write what I love to read---romances.  I fall in love with my heroes, and my only regret is that I can't meet them in real life!

Rebel Ink Press has released seven of my novels to date. They are: My Life, My Heart - time/travel/reincarnation; On Angels' Wings - WWII love triangle; Love's Sweet Vengeance - old west romance; The Diamond Cross - romantic/generational saga;  my novella "The Shewolf and the Priest." - a romance between a shape shifting gypsy woman and a priest, and Rapture on the High Seas - a contemporary intrigue/suspense pirate romance. Newest released is The Diamond Legacy--sequel to The Diamond Cross and a stand-alone novel as well.

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The Diamond Legacy

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Rapture on the High Seas
Angelora is a breathtakingly beautiful shape shifter who takes the form of a wolf. She also possesses a supernatural ability to raise the dead. She’s the last remaining member of a unique gypsy tribe in Romania in 1880 where only the women of t...
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The Shewolf and the Priest
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The Diamond Cross is a sweeping historical romance/saga that exemplifies love, hope, fortitude and personal triumph in a spectacular, hedonistic era. Siblings János and Eva Imre emigrate from Budapest to New York in 1873 in pursuit of elusi...
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The Diamond Cross
  The Old West in 1866 spells romance and danger. Pair a smart and independent lady sheriff in New Mexico Territory with a virile bounty hunter and you get sizzling chemistry, even though they’re at odds with each other and their object...
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Love's Sweet Vengeance
  December 1940 found the world on the brink of a conflict greater than it could ever fathom but for Anne Miller, the days before Pearl Harbor find her world full of excitement and promise.  She’s left the comfort of family and...
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On Angels' Wings
  How does a brilliant and independent woman from the 21st century fall in love with a dashing colonel in the 18th century?  How can that love survive the test of time to live on through three centuries?    Elena Ma...
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My Life, My Heart

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