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Current Releases
Lyra has her eye on sexy new guy Will, who doesn't have a clue she's a witch. Dark witch Rowan wants him, too, and she's not above using a love potion, if that's what it takes. Does Lyra dare confess her own witchy ways to save him? A...
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Which Witch? (Second Edition)
Six sexy vampire princesses are each on a mission, and they always get their men. Needy: Megan, madam of The Bat Castle, has been hired to seduce an overworked exec who has forgotten how to play. A Sip of Red: Nicki has been charged with person...
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Red (Box Set)
Cassidy's searching the world for mythical monsters, but her guide Andrei is just what she's hunting! Cassidy Kerrigan's left her computer to assume the role of host for a brand new prime-time monster hunt called Wild Things. Relying h...
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Wild Things (Box Set)
Chantel and her sister vamps-in-arms think those pesky werewolves have murdered way too many of their kind over the last few months. They've each picked a mark and expect easy victories. After all, werewolves are still just guys, and vampires are...
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Assassins in Lace (Collection)
Ignoring the weather warnings, mistletoe mistake number one, MJ battles a blizzard to spend Christmas at the mountain cabin she just inherited from her grandparents. By mistake number seven, she's there, but someone else is, too -- Jonah, her ...
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Santa's Helpers: Mistletoe Mistakes

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