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Born and raised in the panhandle of West Virginia, just outside of Washington, D.C., Jodi discovered her passion for writing at just twelve years old during a writing assignment for school.  She began publishing her poetry in various anthologies which evolved into short stories.  She penned her first novel, a non-fiction work, in 2000 but never attempted to publish it.

Jodi married and had a son and, in 2008, published her first fiction novel entitled "The Disappearance of Benny".  The years that followed brought forth three more fiction novels, including "Aiding Revenge", "Matriarca" and "Bleeding Panther", all which have been published and are carried by Amazon online.

In 2015, Jodi republished the second edition of Bleeding Panther with additional content and a new cover, and she published "Mother Condemned", a rewrite of "The Disappearance of Benny".

Current Releases

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Bleeding Panther

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Aiding Revenge

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The Disappearance of Benny

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