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Fast, Fun and Felonious Romance.

     Following sixteen years as a travel agent (more travel than money) Jody Lebel switched gears, returned to school and became a court reporter (more money than travel).  She swapped jetting off to fun and exotic locations for reporting the cases of murderers, rapists, and thieves who are, by the way, almost never in a good mood.  Being assigned to the chief judge in Broward County exposed her to a wide spectrum of cases; from funny to tragic to bizarre to downright creepy.  She has reported everything from a homeless guy who had jumped the turnstile on the Metrorail and was now in jail for not having a quarter, to the Tamiami Strangler, a serial killer who murdered six women.

     Positive that in a past life she was a writer (or possibly a dancehall girl) Jody has always incorporated writing in her life.  She created murder mystery nights for her travel agency and wrote travel articles for local magazines.  But let’s face it there are only so many ways to describe tropical islands and beautiful beaches.  Now the stories she is exposed to in court, the mayhem, the heartbreak, and particularly the black humor all make writing a breeze, and she almost never falls asleep at the keyboard anymore.

     On a personal note, Jody was raised in charming New England, was an only child who had an only child (claiming she didn’t breed well in captivity) and now lives with her two cats in a high-rise on the ocean in southern Florida.   

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