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Joe Montaperto, a native of Brooklyn, studied acting and improv in New York, graduating to stage and film work before embarking on the comedy circuit in the crack-riddled New York City of the 1980's. He later applied his training to his one-man show, Four Degrees of Disconnection, performing in theaters in and around the city in the 90's before burning out and heading to the Ecuadorian Amazon jungle for some serious soul searching. An avid traveller and spiritual seeker, Joe also prides himself on having lived in some of the worst places in the world, and still thoroughly enjoys making prank phone calls. The Edge of Whiteness is his first book.

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The Edge of Whiteness

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 1969 - as Brooklyn smolders in the aftermath of the past summer's race riots, the family of young Joey Montaperto flees their beloved Italian neighborhood to start anew in a painfully white New Jersey suburb. Ironically, the high school ...
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The Edge of Whiteness

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