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From the time I was a young child I have watched movies where Native Americans were portrayed as charging off into battle and carelessly riding into a rifle barrage or riding around circled wagons until they were picked off one by one, it annoyed me to think that this is how my ancestors were portrayed. As I grew up I started reading and researching actual Native American battles and the many victories the Native Americans had against the onslaught of soldiers and White settlers that pried their way into Native Lands. Each time I would read about all of the injustices it would spark a thought that if I only had a time machine I would go back into time and set things right. This short story does just that. It takes us back to a turning point in history where the adventure begins. Hope you enjoy the first book in this series! Joe Red Feather 

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This short story is about a young man of Native American descent who goes back in time and proves that one person can make a difference!
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The Cherokee Quash

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