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I've loved science fiction and fantasy from the time I learned to read. My hobbies, besides writing, are traveling, adventure game playing and do-it-yourself projects. Before I retired, I was a technical writer at a major computer manufacturer. Several short stories of mine have been published in E-zines, and I've sold two series of dark fantasy novels called The Morgaine Chronicles and Raven Lenore, Psychic Investigator to Renaissance E Books. These novels may be purchased from Renaissance's Page Turner Editions site or at Fictionwise E-Books. Renaissance has also published collections of my short stories, The Sands of Time, Mordrake's Apprentice, and Love Among the Stars, two SF novels, Star Tower and The Bagod and a dark fantasy called The Laws of Magic . Mundania Press has published The Book of Retslu, a humorous fantasy.

I was born and raised in a working class neighborhood in Chicago. I think my love of reading stems from my parents and grandparents, who were all avid readers. As a child, one of my favorite things was hanging out at the library or browsing in flea markets for books I could afford. One day my parents took me to see a most wondrous movie, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. It made me a believer. From that time on, I read every Oz book I could get my hands on. I also loved comic books, especially the ones in the SF genre, Planet Comics, Superman, Captain Marvel, etc. I also liked mathematics and science, especially astronomy.

When I was twelve or so, I discovered the pulp magazines. They had garish covers and were printed on blotting paper, but the insides were marvelous. Even the letter columns were interesting. In these magazines, and the slicks and paperbacks that followed a few years later, I learned to love such writers as Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, Robert Heinlein, Robert Silverberg and so many others. About that time I decided I wanted to write in the genre, but never got started until many years later.

I was drafted into the army at the end of the Korean War and was sent to Germany, where I worked as a microwave repairman. Also, I married a girl who went to the same high school as I did, who I met at a party after I graduated high school. We've been married over fifty years now. We have four wonderful girls, ten grandchildren (most whom are adults now) and one spunky six-year-old great-granddaughter.

For most of my working life, I was a technical writer for a major computer firm. I learned many things there about computers, about writing and about people and corporations. I lived the Dilbert cartoon. Because of my work, my wife and I moved to a small town in upstate New York where the manufacturing plant was located. We still live there, although the company has since closed the plant.

In 1993, I retired. That's when my fiction writing career started. First I sold a few short stories to E-zines. (I use "sold" loosely. I've seldom got a paycheck .) Then I sold a novel to a POD publisher and another to an E-book publisher. The pay is meager, but I enjoy writing so much that I'd probably do it even if they paid nothing (which is the standard with most E-zine publishers).

Well, that's the encapsulated version of my autobiography.

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Current Releases
He Fell in Love with an Android! For Love of Kumiko is a science fiction romance about a torrid, yet bittersweet, love affair between an android and a human man. Allen Goodwin's life was turned upside down when he fell in love with Kumiko. The proble...
Available Now!
For the Love of Kumiko
Humans Against Feline Aliens in a Galactic War to the Death! Humanity has met its match in the Stygians, carnivores that evolved from feline ancestors, whose society reflects their cat-like ways. Chief among the Stygian warlords is Growlrr, who decla...
Available Now!
Pawns of Tomorrow
Only She Could Free the President from a Sorcerer's Spell! Raven Lenore has been convicted of the murder of Peter Morgan and is serving a life sentence, when she is visited by Magbertius the evil sorcerer in his guise as Peter Johnson. He tells her t...
Available Now!
The House That Ate People
Raven has been plagued by nightmares ever since Peter Magbertius returned to the land of the dead. In the latest one, she dreams that she meets him in a dark forest where he implores her to bring him back from the dead. After she wakes up, she asks h...
Available Now!
Case of the Missing Corpse
Raven Lenore, a character from the Morgaine Series, is both a psychic and a private investigator. An old friend and FBI agent calls on her to help him solve a murder that involves the occult. When the murderer is shot and killed, the case seems ...
Available Now!
The Case of the Spirit in the Bottle
A corporation decides to build a humanoid robot. A fictional account of how computer scientists might go about such a project and interact with each other. Perhaps you've read science-fiction or seen movies such as The Terminator featuring human-like...
Available Now!
The Isaac Project
A  collection of romantic SF and Fantasy from the author of the Morgaine the Sorceress series. Do love and romance mix well in Science Fiction, Fantasy and Dark Fantasy stories? They do in the stories in this collection! In Joe Vadalma's new boo...
Available Now!
Hearts Among the Stars
In this final book of the Morgaine Series, Nicholas, the half-demon born to the young couple in Morgaine and Moonwood, attempts to take over the world. Michael's friends must try to stop him and rescue Michael from Morgaine's clutches. A female dr...
Available Now!
Morgaine and Nicholas
Enter the enchanting fantasy world of Retslu. Some say it is flat as a pancake. Others think it is as round as a crystal ball. Perhaps if you traveled to the Nowhere Mountain, where you can see the edge of the world, you could make up your mind as to...
Available Now!
Mordrake's Apprentice
A Novel of Lovecraftian Horrors! Albert Keptopolos was a genuine genius. He had doctorates in Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy, Mathematics, Philosophy and Mysticism. When he was twenty-five, the Clay Mathematics Institute of Cambridge, Massachusetts (C...
Available Now!
The Laws of Magic
When Joe Hermann, a twenty-first century man, is told that he’s dying of cancer, he has his body frozen in hopes that in the near future a cure will be found. But a pandemic kills ninety percent of the world's population, and he wakes in a worl...
Available Now!
The Bagod
In this sequal to Morgaine and Armageddon, a young couple set out to repair Moonwood, but are harrassed by ghosts, vampires, the Frankenstein monster and Morgaine.After Doomsday What? That's the question the modern-day sorceress Morgaine is asking he...
Available Now!
Morgaine and Moonwood
In Morgaine and Asmodeus, Morgaine possessed Melody, but Michael, unaware of that Melody has Morgaine's spirit, thought that his greatest desire had come true, to have someone to share his extremely long life who would never grow old. Michael has a ...
Available Now!
Morgaine and Armageddon
Star Tower John Huck, a bitter dishonorably discharged veteran of the war of independence of the space dwellers from the iron fisted government of earth. He returns to the earth ghetto where he was born to find that his parents had been killed in ...
Available Now!
Star Tower
Morgaine and Raven is a suspenseful paranormal mystery involved with the occult, magic, witchcraft, alchemy. and romance. RAVEN LENORE, a tough young former cop, private investigator, psychic and modern witch, is hired to locate the...
Available Now!
Morgaine and Raven
Story Collection from such eZines as Dark Moon Rising, SFF World, Aphelion, Sword's Edge, and Planet,as only Joe Vadalma could have written them. From heroic quests complete with dragons, to lonely starmen, to the very human plights of inhuman a...
Available Now!
The Sands of Time
This sequal to Morgaine and Raven tells the story of how Morgaine became first a witch and then a demon. Denise Fabiano, a five-year-old girl, lives with her grandfather, Grandpa Joe, in an ancient farmhouse. Papa Joe is a storyteller and amuses Deni...
Available Now!
Morgaine and Gretchen
A modern witch, Morgaine, to save the soul of the man she loves, has sacrificed her own soul to the demon Asmodeus. As a demon, she is returned to Earth by Asmodeus after swearing to carry out his new plan for acquiring Michael's soul. But, Morgaine ...
Available Now!
Morgaine and Asmodeus
Morgaine and Michael MICHAEL ELLUL, born in the tenth century A.D. and newly knighted at the turn of the second millennium, is stricken with fear during his first battle and runs away to become an outlaw. His overwhelming desire to become immortal...
Available Now!
Morgaine and Michael
When Melody falls in love with Michael, a psychic, he gives her an ancient manuscript to read that seems to suggest he is a centuries old former-knight who sold his soul to the demon Asmodeus for immortality. But when she asks, "Are you really a...
Available Now!
Morgaine and Melody

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