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John Anthony Davis

John Anthony Davis had a love of all things creative from a very early age. At the behest of his third grade teacher, John's Parents allowed him to let his imagination sore. 

John's creative outlet led him to music were he has written over 123 songs and recorded 3 CD's. After winning the 'Best New Artist' Award in L.A. at the BMA's, John set his sites on something different. Being a writer was in his blood and his first book 'Legion' was Published in 2007. 

John was part of the duo 'Purpose' which not only received the BMA but was also the first band in the history of Toledo, OH to receive a 'Proclamation Letter' from the Mayor, an honor that he would received twice. 

John then got back in touch with JD Hart and started to work on a project together, and named that project 'Social Path'. The series is now seen in over 78 Countries and is an enormous hit.

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Current Releases

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12 Hours at Lancaster: "Some Houses should be left Alone"

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The Tree

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Fetish: Sex is Now a Weapon (The Fetish Murders w/ Kevin Knight Book 1)

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The Last Night: Couples Erotica

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Eager: Take me now

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