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Susan Brooks is not happy to have to go and pick up her daughter and two friends, who have been, unknown to her, at an illegal rave. Daughter Shelly knows she will be in for a spanking, something which both fascinates and horrifies her friends, si...
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Three Over the Knee
The Talk An evening indiscretion on the family computer forces 19-year old college sophomore, Shelly Brooks, to confess her life long yearning for corporal punishment to her mother. Following their talk, Shelly must decide if she wants to accept...
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The Talk
Shelly is in a rush and so is less than impressed with her errant housemate when she finds the tumble drier full, so she spanks Cheyenne for forgetting her laundry. Once this is over she manages to get ready and head off for her weekend away with ...
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Chutes and Ladders
Jill's Birthday It is Jill's twenty first birthday and she has decided that she wants Susan to give her the traditional birthday spanking. But Jill can't help remembering the last time she was over Susan's lap, and she begs her n...
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Jill's Birthday

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