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Sawyer Wahlstrom, CEO of Fidelity Independent Research Group (FIRG) rarely opened email from someone he didn’t know.  This one was different. The subject line read Stop the NuHygen project or the next one will die.  The attached vi...
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A Cold Summer Sky
In a world dominated by greed and political loyalties, the line between right and wrong is often completely blurred. He wanted more than revenge.  His was a vendetta, a vendetta that he was capable of carrying out.  Tenodod was a cyber h...
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11 Seconds: An Asher Radman Mystery
When FBI agent Mateo Hachman took the undercover assignment, he knew the risks.  Infiltrate the Proveedores Consortium and bring down the inner circle.  It took almost five years, but Mateo not only infiltrated the consortium, he was elevat...
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Zero Warning
He could work miracles with His Hands Lance Bartner loved working with his hands, made his living refinishing furniture. Nights out were for fun with friends and the occasional hook-up. Though the L word had never been spoken, he would have enjoye...
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Architect Of Love

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Love On Life Support
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