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Prompted by the trauma of graduating high school and having to leave my beloved city of Detroit to attend university, the development my social skills and world view were arrested at about age 18.  This affliction figures prominently in all of my creative work.  

I have traveled extensively, am a songwriter and music producer, a left-of-left liberal, and have spent my life trying to resolve the intrinsic clash between the metaphysical purity of Buddhism and the overwhelming appeal of narcissism.

I have written four full-length novels and am currently writing my fifth, titled An Unlikely Truth. Also in the works is a creative non-fiction book about my life as a literary vagabond over the past 5 1/2 years. Its called Leaving On A Jet Plane

My first is titled From Thailand With Love about the trafficking of adolescent girls from Southeast Asia for prostitution in the U.S.  It is set in New York City but travels through Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia and Myanmar.  I have no publishing deal for it so far.  However, an agent who works the film industry in Los Angeles has it under consideration with several filmmakers, including Appian Way, Leonardo Dicaprio's production company.  A screenplay version of From Thailand With Love is in the works.

In 2009, I wrote the still unpublished The Man Who Loved Too Much. It follows the convoluted life of a young man from age 4 to 28, as he tries to find his place in the world. The story is set in Detroit, upstate New York, and New York City. At 800+ pages it is an epic. Perhaps it should have been titled The Man Who Wrote Too Much.

In January of 2011, I completed my satirical 11-11-11, a demented but plausible vision of contemporary America and its fear-driven preoccupations.  In 11-11-11 the clueless and basically powerless citizens of a small town in northeastern Missouri find it nearly impossible to eke out a meaningful existence in a world plagued by stupidity, superstition, political manipulation and manufacture crises, many of which revolve around rumors about the arrival of the Apocalypse on November 11, 2011.  It's a dark bit of writing. 


In January of 2012, while enjoying the dogless days of a tiny Indonesian island called Gili Trawangen, I finished the recently published 12-12-12. It's a harsh satiire, dark, ironic, witty, at times surrealistic, sometimes just plain weird. Again it is about the end of the world but one that is manufactured out of political necessity rather than cosmic happenstance.

I have quite a number of short stories which have been published. 

The strange story "Spider Man" (an excerpt from "The Man Who Loved Too Much") appears in the New York magazine Full of Crow.  "Baby Fever" and the recently finished "Moon Walk" are appearing in the print and online magazine Down In The Dirt.  The Bay Area humor magazine Hobo Pancakes ran "Dr. Gender Bender" in their May 2010 quarterly.  The Chicago-based Midwest Literary Magazine has "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" in both their print and online editions (May 2010).  "Apocalypso" appears online in the July edition of Million Stories.  "Renoir Augustine Toulouse, Thumb Painter" is appearing in both the Fall 2010 online and print issue of Dirty Napkin Magazine.  "The Tea Lady of Kashmir", "The Crush", and "Tunnel of Love (all excerpted from "The Man Who Loved Too Much") have appeared in Troubadour 21 Magazine based in suburban Detroit (my hometown!).  "Just The Two Of Us" is being published by the British print magazine, The Ranfurly Review.  "The Nice Thing About God" will appear in print June 2010 in the British magazine the Southpaw Journal.  "Little Tantrums" and "Queen For A Day" (both excerpted from "The Man Who Loved Too Much") are included in the print and e-reader magazine Audience No. 17 (June 2010).  An erotic excerpt adapted from "From Thailand With Love" appears in the Midnight Showcase Anthology early next year. "Balloons" (the opening sub-chapter for "The Man Who Loved Too Much") will appear in the American print magazine The Toucan early 2011.  My political pieces "Make Love Not War" and "Outsourcing" (both adapted excerpts from my novels) respectively appeared in The Fear Of Monkeys and Ascent Aspirations.  "Happy Meals and Kisses From The Earth" and "Chop Chop" (excerpted from "From Thailand With Love") are published respectively in the online and print magazine Wanderings and A Twist Of Noir.  My sinister "Just A Boy" is also appearing in A Twist Of Noir.  "Guerilla Warfare" appeared in the July 2010 issue of the Australian print magazine The Mutant Life.  My very quirky extremely short story "Peaches" has been published by the British print magazine Carillon.  It is about an adolescent girl who dropped her baton at a peach festival and was so upset it destroyed her life.  What can you do, eh?

Also seven of my poems appeared in various poetry magazines last year:  "Gasping", "The Secret of Death", "Messenger Deranged" (Record Magazine), "Photo Shoot" (Pennsylvania Literary Journal), "Broken Heart Burning Forest" (Volume Magazine), "Oh My Goth! Gag Me With A Ruin" (Hobo Pancakes) and "Two Words" (vis a tergo).

I have also written for theater and my black comedy "Sex, Lies and Coffee Beans", which included nine original songs, was produced in Portland, Oregon, my last permanent home town.

I have a B. A. degree in Philosophy, and have been a music producer most of my life.  My last permanent residence was Portland, Oregon where I had a state-of-the-art recording studio, music production house, and publishing company.  I recorded and produced several artists in the Pacific Northwest, releasing and promoting their music on radio across the United States.

While writing my first two novels, I lived in Spain, Italy, Uganda, Kenya, South Africa, Thailand, Japan Nepal, India and Malaysia. 11-11-11 was written in Japan, South Korea, and Vietnam. 12-12-12  was written bouncing between Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia and the Philippines.


I now reside in a traditional rural farming village in Japan, conveniently close to Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto. I'm a huge fan of rice. The loudest sound here is the ringing of temple bells here three times a day to remind me that I can still hear.




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Since leaving America August 2006, I have traveled to twenty one countries.  A great deal has happened.  I have written four full-length novels, had over thirty short stories and seven poems published, and even composed several songs.  In my travels I have experienced quite a lot and had a few ideas along the way.  My personal blogsite does a good job of sharing the thoughts, photos, music, writings, travel experiences, and developing political/social commentary generated by my wanderlust.

My satirical 11-11-11 was published June 1, 2011. I have dedicated a whole page to it on my personal website here.  

The sequel 12-12-12 was published March 18, 2012 to a storm of controversy and unwarranted ridicule. Links to the horrible promotional video and where this much maligned work of art can be purchased can be found here.

My highly charged political blogs are also available at my website here.

I used to be in the music business and am very familiar with publishing and promotion in that arena.  But book publishing is a whole new ball game for me.  Any advice or insights which the subscribers to this service can offer will be appreciated.  I likewise am happy to share what I learn along the way.

If you're heading for Japan, where I now reside, drop me a line. As the captain of the Titanic said as that great ship bubbled to the bottom of the ocean, "Drinks are on me!" 

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"From Thailand With Love" is a hard-hitting, street-tough novel about the trafficking of adolescent Asian girls for prostitution in the U. S.  It is violent and sexy, endearing and sad, sometimes humorous and often gut-wrenching.&nb...
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From Thailand With Love

A Peek Into the Life of John D Rachel

This is what I look like after about seven hours of writing.

This is what I look like after about seven hours of writing.
Here I am with the Hmong people living in northwestern Vietnam very close to the Chinese border.

Here I am with the Hmong people living in northwestern Vietnam very close to the Chinese border.
Here I am exploring my feminine side, also in Vietnam.

Here I am exploring my feminine side, also in Vietnam.
Here I am with my Japanese girlfriend in Hanoi. What does this lovely lady see in me?

Here I am with my Japanese girlfriend in Hanoi. What does this lovely lady see in me?

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“Apocalypso” (Excerpt:  The Man Who Loved Too Much) –

“Renoir Albertine Toulouse, Thumb Painter” (Excerpt:  The Man Who Loved Too Much) –

“The Crush” (Excerpt:  The Man Who Loved Too Much) –

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