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John Hansen is the teenage author of "Man's Best Friend", coming from Untreed Reads Publishing. His work appears in the lit mags "Raphael's Village" and "Crack The Spine" and in the "Dark Light" anthology published by CH&BB Publishing.
John is an avid reader, writer and book blogger among other things. He has a very interesting, unpredictable (sometimes good, sometimes bad), creative, disturbing, random, insightful and humorous mind. You can find him at home, cursing at whatever trivial concern dares vex him, mainly writers' block. Or sometimes you can find him on his couch, after giving up on his writing, staring at the blank TV screen as if it is some magical, awe-inspiring promiseland. But in most cases, it isn't.

Find him on Twitter @ABoredAuthor or visit his blog, "The Incessant Droning of a Bored Writer". 

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I wanted out. I thought leaving would change things. After all, I had nothing to live for. So I figured, “What the hell?” And I left. My trusted dog, George—my only real friend—came with me. It should’ve bee...
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Man's Best Friend
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Entertainment is changing forever. Comedies, dramas, and reality TV shows are out. Murder is in. In a world where murder is being exploited on TV, viewers watch live assassinations for their own entertainment. A hit game show where the challen...
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The Perfect Game

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