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Over a 38-year business career, Mr Patterson held senior executive and consulting positions in a number of industries. Most roles were leadership positions in the Operations and Technology areas. He was EVP/COO for two companies; partner with a major global consulting firm; Co-founder and president of a regional consulting company.Early in his career, he was a production scheduler in a glass bottle factory, a stereo salesman and later a computer programmer and project manager. He started a record store and a brass furniture store.

Mr. Patterson resides on Spring Branch Farm in Butler, Maryland with Katharine, his wife of almost 35 years. They have two wonderful daughters, Grace and Hannah. He and Katharine travel frequently usually on birding adventures.

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What is this book about?  This book is about coping with the crazy people at work.  The book has 10 rules to survive by. Rule # 1 Crazy People Make You Crazy is the foundation of all of them. The rules allow you to identify and then a...
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Rule # 1 - Crazy People Make You Crazy (At Work Edition): The Survival Guide for Coping with Impossible People

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