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John L. DeBoer

After graduating from the University of Vermont College of Medicine, John L. DeBoer, M.D., F.A.C.S. completed a surgical residency in the U.S. Army and then spent three years in the Medical Corps as a general surgeon. Thirty years of private practice later, he retired to begin a new career as a writer.

For twenty-eight years he has called North Carolina home. A member of International Thriller Writers, he is the author of seven published novels.

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Current Releases
For years, Luke Elliot has been a respectable businessman. But he's had a secret life no one knows, and he's given that up to settle down completely. Then tragedy tears his world apart, and he flees in despair from everything that could evoke...
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How Little We Know
Twenty years ago, four high school senior boys caused a tragic accident but got away undiscovered. Ever since, they’ve guarded the secret that would have ruined their lives as they pursued successful careers. Then a blackmailer makes contact, a...
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Skeleton Run
When twelve-year-old Craig Fletcher is first attracted to his classmate, Laura Forsythe, he has no idea that his unrequited puppy love will develop over the next twenty years into an addiction to the seductive woman Laura becomes, a siren whose ca...
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