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John M. Daniel is a freelance editor and writer. He has published dozens of stories in literary magazines and is the author of eleven published books, including four mystery novels: Play Melancholy Baby, The Poet’s Funeral, Vanity Fire, and Behind the Redwood Door. He and his wife, Susan, own a small-press publishing company in Humboldt County, California, where they live with their wise cat companion, Warren.

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Hooperman Johnson is a tall, bushy-bearded man of few words. He works as a bookstore cop, catching shoplifters in the act. It’s a difficult job for a man with a stammer, but somebody’s got to do it, because Maxwell’s Books is gettin...
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Hooperman: a bookstore mystery
Guy and Carol Mallon own a used bookstore on the north coast of California, a land of rocky shores and redwood forests, with a rich history of gold, lumber, Native Americans, and hardy entrepreneurs. They are content with their small-town life until ...
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Behind the Redwood Door

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