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John R. Beyer spent nearly ten years in law enforcement in Southern California as a street cop, a training officer and a member of the elite SWAT team. After leaving the force, he continued in public service entering the field of education. During his tenure, he served as classroom teacher, school administrator and district administrator. While in both worlds he earned a Doctorate in School Administration and a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology.

During all those years, he never gave up the passion for writing – both fiction and nonfiction. He has been published in numerous magazines, newspapers and the like for decades on a variety of topics. His latest short stories in the past year can be found in Foliate Oak Literary Magazine (2016) and GNU Journal (2017). He is also the author of two highly praised internationally known novels – Hunted (2013), Soft Target (2014).

His newest thriller Operation Scorpion (2017- Black Opal Books) is sure to be a hit with its intrigue of a rogue military officer secreting nuclear waste near one of America’s most prestigious Army training facilities.

He has had countless interviews for various radio and blog shows – his most recent with CJEvolutions discussing the current world of terrorism in the United States – which his novel Soft Target detailed.

John is on the constant move of stretching fiction to the limits in his writing and his expertise in the world of law enforcement is clearly seen in his writings.

He lives in the High Desert of Southern California on a small ranch with his lovely spouse, Laureen.

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A Note From John R. Beyer

Welcome - come with me as we take adventures into the world of police work - sometimes funny - sometimes horrifying but never boring. Hope you enjoy my work and those coming in the future. Keep reading, my friends!

Current Releases
Jonas Peters and Frank Sanders team up to solve a string of murders, starting with the intentional and fatal bombing of the Common Grounds, a local coffee shop in downtown Riverside—a usually calm city in Southern California. Dozens are dead af...
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Inquitos ~ The Past Will Kill
I was looking at the high walls around us as the Jeep drove through the ravine. “We’re sitting targets here.” I wasn’t psychic but it was a pretty good guess since Alicia screamed, and I heard the unmistakable sound of a ro...
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Operation Scorpion
Russia had learned the hard way the extremes these fanatics would go to… Ten years ago, Captain Yuri Shakirov stood in horror as young children were butchered by a hail of bullets from a group of Islamic extremists. As blood spattered the w...
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Soft Target
A killer without remorse, burning with pride, and having the time of his life, Zachary Marshall is unstoppable—until Detective Jonas Peters unexpectedly arrives in the midst of one of Marshall’s heinous crimes. After a bank robbery goe...
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A Peek Into the Life of John R. Beyer

Trailer shot - Hunted

Trailer shot - Hunted
Book signing tour

Book signing tour
Doing research for next novel

Doing research for next novel
Trailer shot - Soft Target

Trailer shot - Soft Target

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