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John is the author of the award winning Vince Torelli murder mystery series.  The series begins with M.P., A Novel of Vietnam, a work of fiction based on the author's personal experiences as a Combat M.P.  during his tour of duty in Vietnam.  M.P. gives the reader a clear picture of the duties of the Military Police during that dangerous and unsettling time.   Fast forward twenty-five years and Vince is now  homicide inspector with San Francisco Police Department, handling some of the City's most difficult and dangerous cases.  In John's second book, Retribution, Vince is facing a vigilante killer who takes justice into his own hands when the justice system fails.  In his third book, Diplomatic Immunity, a very talented, deadly sniper is killing consul generals in the City, seemingly without a motive.  The problem is that as Vince gets closer to the truth, he becomes the sniper's next target.  John's fourth book, Sin Eater, is currently at his publisher undergoing edits.  Hopefully, it will be released by December of 2015.  John is hard at work on his fifth book, another Vince Torelli mystery, Blood Debt.  John was raised in San Leandro in the San Francisco Bay Area.  After his military service, he joined a  small East Bay police department, retiring after thirty years.  He currently lives in Concord, CA with his wife of 43 years and spends his time writing, reading, traveling and just having fun. !

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A Note From John R Schembra

Please take a few moments to view my website for more information about me and my books and to read the first chapter of each book, posted there.  They are available for purchase at the Writers Exchange website, Amazon,com, and Barnes and Noble in both electronic format and paperback. Thank you,  John.

Current Releases
There are 66 Consulates and Embassies in San Francisco, and a very talented, deadly sniper is targeting the Consul Generals, seemingly at random. Homicide inspector Vince Torelli has a reputation for solving the toughest cases in the City, but this o...
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Diplomatic Immunity
There's a vigilante killer loose in San Francisco, and when the justice system fails, he doles out his own brand of justice.  Homicide Inspector Vince Torelli has handled some of the city's worst murders, but this case has him baffled. I...
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June 1967- As Vincent Torelli stepped off the plane at Bien Hoa Air Base, South Vietnam, he was almost overwhelmed by the stench in the hot, humid air. He still had a hard time realizing he was in Vietnam. Drafted into the armed forces five months ea...
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M.P., A Novel of Vietnam

A Peek Into the Life of John R Schembra

Preparing for convoy security escort

Preparing for convoy security escort
My wife and I

My wife and I

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