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Loose Id
Current Releases
  Previous Book: A Stranger in Skoria   Jason has settled into his strange life on the world of Skoria as the beloved pet and telepathically bonded lover of Captain Aedar Rictus, a cyborg pirate. Being the world's only hu...
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A Slave in Skoria
  Genre: LGBT Futuristic Fantasy   Jason Vale has just been unceremoniously dumped by his long-time boyfriend, and decides he could use a change of scenery; what he gets instead is a change of world. After setting out on a ro...
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A Stranger in Skoria
  As a nobleman's bastard, Leith has known for years he has no place in his father's castle. When a lord of the Fair folk offers him a bargain--serve a year in their court in exchange for his own title--he sees a chanc...
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Forest of Glass

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