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John Walker

Since I was just 12 years old, I have known that a writer is all I have ever wanted to be. 

I was born in 1968 and raised in England. These days I’m a globe-trotting ex-pat Brit. I love books, movies, music, yoga, German Shepherd dogs and wolves. I enjoy meeting other authors; discussing the writing process and helping other writers get their own projects off the ground.

I enjoy cooking, black coffee, red wine, and Guinness with a good meal, and I have a devilish, sometimes zany, sense of humor. I can’t resist a practical joke so be warned: if you are ever walking through a door and a bucket of water tips over you … it was most likely me that put it there.

My novels are mainly revenge-thrillers, some with a supernatural twist. 

I have several books planned for the future. 

No rest for the wicked.  

Current Releases
Jake and Louise feel compelled to confess their darkest secrets to each other before they can commit to a life together, comparing the scars life has made on their personalities and souls, knowing that their confessions will either strengthen ...
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Comparing Scars
Lenny Durning has returned to Newcastle after 3 years in exile, accompanied by Theo, a book store owner who had saved Lenny's life. Lenny was almost murdered after being blamed for something he hadn't done. Now he's back with a ven...
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Hitting Back
Jake Callan’s home is ransacked and his wife and friend are kidnapped. Is he up against one organization, or separate factions of them? And who is pulling the strings? Unable to go to the police, Jake Callan and Jack Parrish travel und...
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God's Soldiers
Hank Troud has it all ... but he's never satisfied. He sees enemies everywhere, plotting to kill him and take everything he has. His grandiose personality, greed and mounting paranoia turn him into his own worst enemy. In Hank's mind...
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Hank Shank VIII
Vincent Birch’s life is a mess … He has an indifferent wife, a mistress, a lousy employment record, few prospects, a daughter with more than her fair share of issues and a psychotic brother. He’s despised and alienated by th...
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Blood and Water
As Jack Parrish struggles to survive and hold onto his sanity in an ever-changing world, someone from his forgotten past is hunting him. The car crash he survived as a child has left him without parents and struck by amnesia for the next 18 year...
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Wrath and Remembrance
Johnny Locker is the leader of a massively popular movement to overhaul the nation’s Social Security system. Unbeknownst to him, another movement is in place—and this one’s much more dangerous. A charismatic military hero has a p...
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Freedom's Call
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