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Deserted by his wife and missing his daughter, John becomes infatuated with Olivia, an extremely attractive Puerto Rican woman who is much younger than he, but not without a river of hot, Latin blood flowing through her veins. The time they spend tog...
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Breaking Thhrough the Color Barriers for Love and Lust
She finally found a home, but can she stay there without falling in love? A sixteen-year-old, African-American girl loses her mother and has to fend for herself in New York City’s Hell’s Kitchen. Then things get worse. A high school...
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Our Home Sweet Home
They couldn’t have what they wanted, because she was Jewish and he was a Gentile. Should Janey, a Jewish girl, and Johnny, a Gentile boy, express their growing love for each other, when her family is opposed to such a union, and she had been...
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They Hadn't Expected It To Happen

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The Roadside Hut

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