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Peaches is at the end of her rope, both personally and professionally. At work, she’s been cut back to on call, working whatever hours she can. At home, she knows there’s something wrong with her husband. She just doesn’t know exact...
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Gorgeous Party
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Hope isn’t feeling very hopeful, with the impending holiday season, because of the sudden discovery of a lump on her breast. Will an old love interest prove to be the answer to her prayers?​
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Merry Little Christmas
The week before the biggest event of his life, Arturo is missing one thing―a date! So he goes to his agent, Raquel Strawberry, for a little help. And like any good friend, she agrees to help, just because.   Warning: adultery ...
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Just Because
Mercedes Grant is a lonely, horny widow, constantly second guessing herself, afraid of what people might think of her sudden preference for white men―until Zachary Jones comes over to fix her AC one hot summer day.​
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Cherie Stephens is happy with her life just as it is, as a single mom to her daughter Jasmine, able to pay her bills all on her own. But all that is about to change, when a friend named Simone Marcus, newly married, wants to introduce her to powerful...
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Cover Girl
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Last Christmas, Misty gave Joshua Walker her heart. But now, Misty has to pretend there is nothing between them, even when there is everything, including love, chemistry, desire – and a teenage girl who desperately needs a mother. What will Mis...
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Holding Out
Misty Jordan is happily married to her husband Christopher, or so she tells her friends. Secretly, she reads the novels of Joshua Walker and dreams of meeting him.
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Christmas Fantasy
After a chance meeting with a stranger in Paris, Robin is pretty sure she has found her soul mate. But to think with her heart again scares her. Can her love survive time, distance, and tough choices?
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Command Appearance
Robin Parker doesn't want to risk getting her heart broken again, so she takes an offer from the Air Force and doesn't look back – until she is sent on a work trip to Paris. Noah Meyers just wants to stick to routine, and in the mili...
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We'll Always Have Paris
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Simone gets some bad news at work, in the form of being laid off from her job. The only person who can lift her out of her depression is a quick phone call away. Will Marcus wants only one thing—a woman named Simone. But he also knows she ha...
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All I Wanted
Seven months after the events in The Professor, Danielle Evans is inviting Jeff Humphries back to Los Angeles, to help celebrate the release of her new album. Both have their own expectations of how the week will go. But other events, both large and ...
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Last to Know
Robin Parker is content keeping a low profile as an officer in the Air Force. She has only her work and her friends. Her love life takes a distant second place, thanks to Shawn, her unfaithful ex-boyfriend from college. Then she’s sent on a wor...
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One Good Reason PART 1

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