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Maybelle Summers is a hot honey blonde with a heart of gold and notably bad taste in men. That golden heart prompts her to make another in a long line of bad decisions -- to wit, borrowing money from one Burdette Hunter, the local crime boss. Ente...
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Maybelle Summers and the Demons From Hell
He had it all. A house in the country. A beautiful wife he adored. A baby on the way. Everything a man could ever hope for. He lost everything in the flash of a thin silver blade, a bloody sacrifice in an ill-conceived ritual designed to raise an anc...
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Shadow Man
Samantha's in love -- with a man she can't have. Alan Drury has everything. The perfect dead end corporate job. The perfect bitch of a corporate trophy wife. The perfect crumbling old Victorian mansion. Great, rambling old place. Anne pick...
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The Thing in the Basement
If a Lycan loves you, he will take you, ravage you, and leave you exhausted and satisfied. In return for your love and your unquestioning obedience, he will protect you and cherish and love you forever, and he will fight to the death to keep you. ...
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Trick or Treat: Like the Stars
In the 23rd century you can jack into the web, shop at a mall floating half a mile above the street, kill yourself with the drug of the week, and wake up in a new body. The rich can have what they want -- and they want immortality. What they ...
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