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Josephine Barly

Josephine Barly was born on August 6, 1987, two minutes before her younger twin sister, Abby. And though they may look the same and they both write, their interests couldn't be more diverse. 
Joey lives for crime and romance novels, she doesn't like to travel much and spends as much time as she can bingeing on Netflix and taking care of her dog, Maple. 
A professional translator, her writings are the perfect outlet for the creative bug that bit her since she was a child and that she cannot otherwise control. 

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Mackenzie Benton, thirty-five, owner of Benton’s, is pleased with her life and with the way she’s struggled and overcome many issues she’s faced. And she’s somewhat content as she’s juggling the responsibilities of the b...
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A Random Spark: Amber Town #2
Rose Ami Lloyd loves her life. She loves Amber Town. She loves working as a bookseller at Amber Books. She loves her family. And, again, she loves her life. What brought a few moments of disarray has been left behind, and now she relishes the notion ...
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A Random Fairytale: Amber Town #3
Lavinia Purdue has worked her butt off her whole life. Her efforts were the reaction to her parents’ meddling in her life and thinking that just because they had the money to pay for everything she did, they also had a worthy opinion---and some...
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A Random Concoction: Amber Town #4
Lily Lloyd loves her life. She loves Jesse, she loves her sisters, she loves her best friend and she loves Amber Town. She’s enchanted and enthralled with everything, and when her childhood friend Devin Cohen moves back, there is an instant con...
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A Random Renewal: Amber Town #5
Zoe Leigh doesn’t like Garrett Halstead. He’s entitled, he thinks little of Amber Town, and he acts like he’s above others because he grew up in a big city. No, Zoe Leigh doesn’t like Garrett Halstead. But he happens to be her...
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A Random Clash: Amber Town #6
Daisy Lloyd, thirty-five, principal of East Amber Town Elementary, is quite content with her life, thank you very much. She doesn’t need anyone butting into her business, as she is satisfied with everything she’s achieved. And she doesn&r...
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A Random Encounter: Amber Town #1
Calvin Glover's lifeless body is found in his apartment, in what is an apparent robbery gone wrong.  Dets. Amanda Stone and Benjamin Warren have their doubts, and as they get in touch with Calvin's girlfriend, Mei Lawrence, they get the...
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A Previous Life
Lauren Graham-Smith is a lawyer who's invested in tracking down Justin Norwell, to get him to right a few of the many wrongs he's committed. When she finds him in London, she's ready to make her move.  That is, until she meets the l...
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Lauren & Vincent: Sattely Security X
Evan Whitlock is an agent at Sattely Security. His number one priority is his daughter Bonnie, as he copes with his wife's death while trying to raise his child.  No matter how much he wants to ignore Megan Pike, Bonnie's babysitter, he...
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Megan & Evan: Sattely Security IX
Seth Cameron is on assignment for Randy Sattely when things go south and he’s caught. He’s facing imminent death when Raleigh Altman, an independent agent, saves him. Their attraction is impulsive and undeniable, but whatever chemistry th...
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Raleigh & Seth: Sattely Security VIII
Shane Porter is struck by the most dazzling woman he’s ever seen, and his belief in fate reassures him that if they’re meant to meet, their paths will cross.  Little does he know that the woman in question is Aurora Altman, a woman ...
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Aurora & Shane: Sattely Security VII
Candice Sweets strips to pay off unending debt. Ian Cartwright, heir to a billionaire fortune, is one of Sattely's finest.  Their paths cross when, during one of Candice's shifts, a shootout leaves a bloody mess with only one witness.&n...
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Candice & Ian: Sattely Security VI
Holly Faraday's life hasn't been too kind, yet she always finds the optimism she needs to make it through. Everything takes a steep turn when her estranged brother Jonas is found dead under questionable circumstances and she chooses to fight ...
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Holly & Craig: Sattely Security V
Hartford Altman left Little Rock and Charlie Brandon behind for med school and Chicago. Fifteen years later fate brings them together for an encounter that's too brief for both, yet a case of mistaken assumptions forces their paths to go together...
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Hartford & Charlie: Sattely Security IV

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Savannah & Tyler: Sattely Security III
Phoenix Altman has a questionable taste in men: case in point, Baxter Loitte, who decided to kidnap her after she broke up with him. But Phoenix Altman also has a best friend: April Carter. After reaching out to her, Randy Sattely sends three men to ...
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Phoenix & Rylan: Sattely Security II
April Carter is on the run. A witness to a crime, she has to go undercover fast because her life depends on it. After reaching out to Randy Sattely, he assigns one of his best men, Jason Burrows, to stay with her. He wants nothing of this assignment ...
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April & Jason: Sattely Security I
2013, New York. Charles Bryant is murdered in his house.  1996, Miami. Dawn and Charlie get married.  2013, New York. Petra drinks a glass of red wine and returns to her place with Nick.  1996, Miami. Petra and Nick try to mak...
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A Prior Matter
Un Clarke is thrilled to start the new part of her life, even if she is just making photocopies and getting coffee for her boss and other senior lawyers. She is also ecstatic to have made up her mind about Hunter. Except that it's hard to define ...
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Undine Clarke: The Clarke Sisters #3
Lys Clarke is the middle sister. Her eldest is perfect, her youngest is perfect. She's not.  A high school Lit teacher in her late twenties, Lys has struggled her whole life with the comparisons to her siblings. Practical, straightforward, ...
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Lysandra Clarke: The Clarke Sisters #2
Billie Clarke enjoys her quiet life. In her early thirties, she's a freelance IT professional who's as easy going as she is responsible. A dark spot or two from her past keep her from venturing towards the unknown, as fear of getting hurt aga...
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Wilhelmina Clarke: The Clarke Sisters #1
Cassiopeia Burke has always led an organized life.  A first grade teacher, she loves her job, the comfort of her family, and isn't that bummed when her second shot at a relationship with Phil ends. Trying to get her to loosen up, her best f...
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Cassiopeia Burke: The Burke Sisters #4
Agatha Burke loves her work and her life.  Monday night finds her meeting a lawyer from the London branch of the firm, and instead of Alastair, she meets Dunstan.  Handsome, with a wicked smile and a cool demeanor, she feels something rig...
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Agatha Burke: The Burke Sisters #3
Harriet Burke is twenty-eight years old. A graphic designer, she loves her life and her two best friends, Scott and Leander. But an accidental one-night-stand the night before her parents' thirty-fifth anniversary party will throw her life into a...
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Harriet Burke: The Burke Sisters #2
Odette Burke is twenty-six years old. A successful accountant, her love life has been somewhat lacking because no one has ever lived up to her ideal man: her sister Harriet's best friend Leander.  After a heartbreaking eavesdrop, Odie embar...
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Odette Burke: The Burke Sisters #1
On a chilly Sunday night, Samantha Pearson receives a phone call that will change her life. Her best friend is found murdered and she must go to Tillman Station to recognize the body. Not a few days later, an attack is made on her life. Detective Jar...
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Blood Ties
Margaret is thirty-one, a successful professional and focused on her work, who gave up on men after a messy relationship. Following the loss of the chance to present for a campaign, her best friend Claire takes her out for drinks.  On the next ...
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An Arrangement
Sadie's peaceful life in Pittsboro is turned upside down when she catches her apparently not-so-dependable husband Harry in a compromising position. Needing a quick change of air, she trades her small-town life for the big city, when her mother h...
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Sadie's Second Chance

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