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Josie Shea

Josie has loved books since her parents first read to her as a child.  She started writing her own songs in her head when she was just 5 years old and would sing them to herself in the bathroom.  When she was a young teenager she discovered the magic of romance and happy endings.  She has been a fan ever since. 


After many years of writing stories in her head, she decided to write one down and became a published author.  She loves writing almost as much as reading, although with two young children finding time to write can be a challenge.


When not writing, Josie enjoys spending time with her family.  They enjoy games, the beach, amusement parks and of course reading together.

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Lacey Miller closed her heart forever after her fiancé left her for another woman. After years of sharing her life with a man that betrayed her, she vows she will not risk her heart again. Dedicating herself to her work has kept her heart s...
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