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JOYCE SCARBROUGH is a Southern woman weary of seeing herself and her peers portrayed in books and movies as either post-antebellum debutantes or barefoot hillbillies á la Daisy Duke, so all her heroines are smart, unpretentious women who refuse to be anyone but themselves. Joyce has four published novels as well as several short stories available as Kindle books. She writes both adult and YA fiction and is active in her regional chapter of SCBWI. Joyce has lived all her life in beautiful LA (lower Alabama), she’s the mother of three gifted children and a blind Pomeranian named Tilly, and she’s been married for 31 years to the love of her life—a superhero who disguises himself during the day as a high school math teacher and coach.


Current Releases
"Someday, she'll be my girl."  At the fifth grade honors program, three eleven-year-old boys are captivated by a brilliant little red-haired girl named Jeana Russell as she recites the poem she wrote. They know this girl is spec...
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True Blue Forever
When Jaycee Stevens is six years old, her mother dies and leaves her with an abusive drunk of a father who only remembers she’s there when she gets in trouble. She grows up a foul-mouthed hellion who doesn’t take crap off anyone, and she ...
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Different Roads
Being dead is all fun and games until you fall in love.   After she’s murdered by a sexual predator, 18-year-old Jada Gayle must stay among the living until she finds and stops the Internet stalker who killed her. When the Afterlife ...
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After Me
Jessica Cassady is a copyeditor for a small newspaper in Georgia where her husband Lee is a sportswriter.  When he attends a convention in New York, Jess is shocked when she calls his room in the middle of the night and a woman answers.  Le...
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