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For a little background on my past, I’m originally from Mobile, AL. I was raised by a very off-beat and diversely interested single parent. Growing up with my two older sisters and older brother was hard for one reason alone. We didn’t have many luxuries others did. As a kid, I could either read, draw, or stare at the A/V channel on the ancient television in the house. That’s when gaming came into the scene. The moment I picked up a controlled I was hooked. I did all that I could to play more and learn more about the industry. I grew overly passionate about it rather quickly.

My mother is partially to blame for that. My passion and majority of the inspiration in my work comes from the lessons she taught me, directly and indirectly. Among some of the biggest were to love, laugh, pursue my dreams. With that in mind, in conjunction with my Pocahontas nature however, I ended up in Las Vegas, which might I add is a playground for the imagination.

As far as writing goes, I’ve been writing since I was twelve. I took an English assignment too seriously and it’s all late nights with a pen in hand from that point on. I first started out writing a lot of fan-fiction to satisfy the need to create something. Over time, I branched off and started writing original work. 

Aside from fiction, I wrote for a small vidoe game website. With all the female gaming stereotypes in mind, I do come with pre-made sandwiches and cooking skills. I go back to N64 days as far as gaming. Zelda: Ocarina of Time is what got me into hardcore gaming and the rest are just years blistered thumbs and late nights with a controller in hand.

It’s safe to say my childhood was full of books and video games versus cable television and playing outside.

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By 2348, the world has been put in a crisis. With humans and Sirens on the brink of a discriminating civil war, much is shrouded in secrecy. With death as the reward, many don’t dare speak the truth and others prefer the bliss of ignorance. ...
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