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Judi has had stories in her head as far back as she can remember. However, being lazy (her friends like to point out that she’s efficient), and being a legal assistant, she knew she could never complete a manuscript if she had to write it on a typewriter. Then, along came word processors, and those magic cut and paste and delete icons. There was no stopping her after that. Within a few weeks of her first job with a computer, she started her first story, a house-beautiful, vogue thing about lawyers. Needless to say, it will never be published--but she honed her description skills on that project, so nothing is ever wasted.

Judi has recently relocated to New Mexico and is living in the foothills of the Sandia Mountains.  No more Februarys in Maine for her. She lives with two dogs, a Yorkie, Mishka, and a MinPin, Gizmo, who have acclimated easily. Despite their small size, they rule the house.

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Current Releases

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Chelsea O'Malley, ESL teacher in Tunis, is always prudent, never reckless.  Attending a protest march during the Jasmine Revolution, when Malik Bourjamaa is wounded, can she throw caution to the winds and speak truth to power?  Night of...
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Night of Turmoil
Zoe Wilkinson is one of the top secret service agents in the country, assigned to guard the First Lady.  On a brief vacation on Bermuda, she finds a large moonstone globe and, while holding it up to look at it, is transported through time and sp...
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Two Moons Rising

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